Twin Screw Extruders

esde Twin Screw Extruders prove themselves since 40 years

The Twin Screw Extruders in cascade design are not only a part of our company’s history but also our customers employ these extruders since years and even decades. They are real “Cash-Cows” and their cost effectiveness and high melt quality cannot be replaced easily.

But unlike our Single Screw Extruders the esde Twin Screw Extruders require the exchange of wear and tear parts now and then in order to carry on with the production.

We support you with the supply of spare parts for the Twin Screw Extruders as well as their maintenance. We have extensive information and drawings about each single machine we have ever built. At esde you really talk to experts in respect to this still excellent design.

High Quality Extrusion of PVC

In our twin screw extruders in cascade design the necessary screw length is separated into two independent processing units. The first stage processes powder into a pre-plasticated agglomerate feeding the second processing stage for plastification. This configuration essentially extends the life time of the screws and cylinders.

To achieve the best melt quality we at esde separate the process from powder to extrudate into two processing steps. The powerful first processing unit (agglomerator) mixes the material by means of the co-rotating pair of screws thus achieving a high heat input at low pressure. The contra-rotating pair of screws in the second processing unit gently plasticize the material and provide a build-up of pressure in front of the tool.

Highlights and Extras

  • Efficient degassing system in the transition area between the two processing units
  • Reliable processing of a wide range of different materials with the same screws and cylinders
  • esde vacuum lock to shorten or even abandon the material pre-drying
  • Excellent conveying characteristics
  • Stable mass pressure
  • esde tempering unit of our own development for the inner tempering of the extruder screws
  • Intensive barrel tempering
  • Melt temperature distribution ± 1°C

Extruder Sizes



with Degassing

Output (PVC)




10–120 kg/h




25–200 kg/h




50–300 kg/h




100–400 kg/h




100–600 kg/h

* screw diameter in mm

Other output rates for thermoplastic materials on request!

Spare Parts and Retrofit

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