Single Screw

Plasticizing with esde Extruders

Concerning our Extruders and Extrusion Lines you can rely on an unobstructed production. Our machine conception with direct drive and barrier screw provides extremely energy-saving Extruders of low maintenance requirements.

esde Single Screw Extruders are distinguished by their high output achievements on a low temperature level thus preventing the macro molecules from degradation and cross-linking processes. For melting the plastic material our Extruders receive the necessary heat almost exclusively from the motor. This heat is used in such an efficient way that the heating/cooling system on the barrel hardly requires operating.

Highest possible Quality Standards

„Made in Germany“ is a reference for very good quality. Our customers appreciate the high standard and long lifetime of the esde Single Screw Extruders. They are designed and built at our location in Bad Oeynhausen. Each single component of an esde extruder is always manufactured in accordance with the highest quality demands.

Your production line will be laid out for many years of operation and, even in ten or twenty years you can still Count on the same efficiency and reliability.

In order to provide our customers with a cost-saving production we guarantee a first-class quality level of the esde Single Screw Extruders as the real savings in the manufacture of plastics products can only be achieved if the extrusion process is designed for a reliable and long lifetime. The investment in an extruder of high-quality level pays for itself within a very short period by its high energy efficiency and the considerable savings in working time and material owing to the minimal effort for start-up and maintenance.

Here are the most important points for our esde Single Screw Extruders

  • Suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic materials
  • A most energy efficient machinery conception
  • Compact design with the complete water-cooled electrics inside the machine housing
  • Direct drive on all Single Screw Extruders of size 25 to 70
  • Frequency controlled compact drives on all Single Screw Extruders of size 90 and 120

Highlights and Extras

  • High performance on a low temperature level – even at high material throughput
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime
  • Quiet operation – hardly any exposure of the operating personnel to noise
  • Wear and tear resistant by means of well-balanced pressure profiles
  • Minimization of degradation and cross-linking by gentle plasticization

  • High-efficient grooved bush for pulsation-free infeed of the plastic material
  • High-efficient barrier screw well adapted to the task
  • Universal geometry for easy material change
  • Special geometries to optimize the plasticization of the material

Extruder Sizes




Maximal Output Rate




ESE 1-25-18

1300 mm

50 kg/h

35 kg/h


ESE 1-35-27

1850 mm

150 kg/h

120 kg/h


ESE 1-50-28

2605 mm

260 kg/h

200 kg/h

ESE 1-50-36-V

3005 mm

230 kg/h

180 kg/h


ESE 1-70-29

3460 mm

600 kg/h

420 kg/h

ESE 1-70-37-V

4020 mm

500 kg/h

350 kg/h


ESE 1-90-30

4115 mm

900 kg/h

630 kg/h

ESE 1-90-38-V

4835 mm

750 kg/h

525 kg/h


ESE 1-120-31

5310 mm

1300 kg/h

910 kg/h

ESE 1-120-39-V

6270 mm

1100 kg/h

770 kg/h

* Screw Diameter in mm

** V: with Degassing

Your personal Contact

esde Maschinentechnik GmbH
Phone +49 5731 9014

Technical Details

Learn more about the technical details of our Single Screw Extruders and other components of the esde Extrusion Lines. Click here to Order Brochures.

How to get the best offer

esde Extruders are customized and configured to the relevant task. Therefore each quotation is individually prepared in great technical detail.

Your contacts for preparing the offer and for technical advice about our esde Extruders and Extrusion Lines are Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director and Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager.

Please call Phone +49 5731 9014 or send your enquiry to or use our contact form to get a quotation.

More Information

Visit our pilot plant in Bad Oeynhausen for a trial with your material on an esde Single Screw Extruder. Make an appointment for a trial here Visit Technical Center.


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