High Speed

Extrusion with more Speed

Our High Speed Extruder differs from a conventional Single Screw Extruder in the short dwelling time, the high energy efficiency and the compact configuration. The energy input is mainly effected by the high circumferential speed and less by the torsional moment of the extruder screw. The short dwelling time of 5 to 7 seconds in the High Speed Extruder protects the melt from timely based degradation.

A screw section for the disperse melting of the solid matter in the fluid accounts for the gentle plasticization. The distribution of the solid matter particles in the melt generates a thermally homogenous flow on a low level.

Depending on the employed type of raw material this new extruder generation with a screw diameter of 40 mm achieves a throughput of 700 kg/h - also for grinding stock.

The innovative Machine Concept

The processing technology of this concept is based on the combination of high efficient feed zone and the extruder screw designed for disperse melting.

By using the energy efficient direct drive no energy loss occurs, the easy to maintain thrust bearing is installed outside of the motor casing.

A synchronized servo motor is employed as main drive which enables a considerably higher Speed of the Extruder screw compared to the usual combination of gearing and AC drive.

Here are the most important points of the esde High Speed Extruders

  • For all popular thermoplastics, such as PP, PS, LD-PE, ABS
  • Innovative, considerably energy efficient machine concept
  • High-efficient feed zone
  • Compact design with the complete water-cooled electrics inside the machine housing
  • Rapid-rotating direct drive by synchronized servo motor

Highlights and Extras

  • High performance on a low temperature level – even at high material throughput
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime
  • Quiet operation – hardly any exposure of the operating personnel to noise
  • Wear and tear resistant by means of well-balanced pressure profiles
  • Minimization of degradation and cross-linking by gentle plasticization
  • High-efficient barrier screw for disperse plasticization





Maximal Output Rates**




ESE 1-40-42/HS

2000 min/-1

500–750 kg/h

450–700 kg/h

* Screw Diameter in mm
** depending on material mixture (virgin material/regrind).

Technical Details

Learn more about the technical details of our Single Screw Extruders and other components of the esde Extrusion Lines. Click here to Order Brochures.

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esde Extruders are customized and configured to the relevant task. Therefore each quotation is individually prepared in great technical detail.

Your contacts for preparing the offer and for technical advice about our esde High Speed Extruders and Extrusion Lines are Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director and Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager.

Please call Phone +49 5731 9014 or send your enquiry to info@esde-maschinentechnik.de or use our contact form to get a quotation.

More Information

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