Winders and
Cutting Systems

esde Winders – a strong performance

For films and flat profiles of all kinds we build One-Point Winders, Turret Winders and Edge-Trim Winders.

Single Station Winders

A cost-saving alternative is the One-Point Winder especially for the production of film rolls with large diameters.

Turret Winders with upstream film accumulator

The Turret Winder System can be executed as double winder for two film webs and is motorically pivoted. The synchronous servo geared motors are exactly tuned to the mass inertia and are synchronized to one leading drive. It is possible to wind up the upper side of the film to the inside or the outside. The winder is suitable for a film thickness from

0.1 to 2.0 mm and a maximal web speed of 40 m/min.

Turret Winders with automatic cross cutting unit

As the full roll is rotated into position a „flying knife“ immerses into the film web.

The control for the cutting process is coupled to a length counter. The finished film reels are removed from the Winder. The automatic cut is carried out up to a film thickness of 0.7 mm.

Film Accumulator

For a short standstill in order to change the full reels we offer our esde Film Accumulator with an accumulation capacity of up to 10 meters and suitable for a film thickness up to 1000 µm and a width up to 1500 mm.

Edge Trim Winders

The wind-up shaft is electrically driven. The motor characteristics guarantee the adjust-ment of the rotational speed for increasing wound diameters. The edge strip is moved to and fro by a traversing conveying system forming a solid roll. The winding up is without core, whereby the maximum outside diameter is 500 mm approximately and the winding width about 250 mm.

esde Cutting Systems – guaranteed exactly

For custom-fit dimensioning of sheets we provide our Cross-Cutting Shears.

Cross Cutting Shears

The cutting length pre-selection of the sheets and their number are set on the operating panel of the extruder. The Guillotine Shears are positioned on a movable base frame and accelerated up to web speed before the cutting process, thus preventing an accumulation of the film web in front of the shears.

Technical Details

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How to get the best offer

esde Winders and Cutting Systems are customized and configured to the relevant task. Therefore each quotation is individually prepared in great technical detail.

Your contacts for preparing the offer and for technical advice about our esde Winders, Cutting Units and complete Extrusion Lines are Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director and Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager.

Please call Phone +49 5731 9014 or send your enquiry to or use our contact form to get a quotation.

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Visit our technical center at Bad Oeynhausen for a trial with your plastic material on our esde Extrusion Line with Winder or Cutting System.

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