Polishing Stacks

Perfect Finish of Flat Films and Sheets

It makes a big difference if you produce a half finished film product or a sheet as finished product. We realize individual configurations for the optimal adaptation of our Polishing Stack to the desired surface quality and thickness tolerances of the film.

The first-class quality of our Polishing Stacks allows a reliable production at highest level, designed for many years of operation. The handling and operating of the esde Polishing Stack is our own design and is persuasive in its flexibility to most different tasks.

Depending upon the required loads the Polishing Stack is equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic roll locking force. Cooling rolls and haul-off are driven by high-dynamic synchronous servo-drive motors. The drives are exactly inertia tuned and are synchronized with each other.

The rolls in our Polishing Stacks always run evenly and produce constant, excellent film and sheet quality. The principle of roll deflection compensation (BLK) facilitates the manufacture of an extremely constant film thickness. Because of its stabilized core the BLK roll equidistantly adapts to the deflection of the standard cooling roll and, the tolerance of the film thickness is therefore kept at a minimum.

The secret of our Polishing Stacks

For the production of high quality film the temperature distribution on the contact surface of the film has to be kept constant. Conventional technologies regulated the roll temperature by a punctual feed of cooling water - thus causing relatively high temperature deviations.

The amount of needed cooling water in our Polishing Stacks is infinitely adapted to the heat requirements during the manufacturing process. In addition the continuous thermal flow of the roller water is supported by a progressively tapered helix.

In this way we achieve, on the contact surfaces of the film, a temperature distribution accuracy of +/- 1°C: A highly effective system with low consumption of energy and water!

Here are the most important points for our esde Polishing Stacks

  • Vertical or horizontal Polishing Stacks for all sizes
  • Rolls with matt or high gloss surfaces
  • Highly true running accuracy for an optimal film finish
  • Individual configurations adapted to varied requirements
  • Cooling roll with deflection compensation (BLK) for low tolerances of the film thickness

Highlights and Extras

  • Constant high quality of films and sheets
  • Further accessories: Temperature systems, haul-off units and winders
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic roll locking force
  • Continuous adaptation of the cooling water temperature to the target value
  • Particularly equal temperature distribution of the rolls on the contact surfaces of the film
  • Progressively tapered helix in the cooling roll to support the continuous thermal flow




Finished Width

100–2100 mm

up to 2300 mm


150–2000 µm

up to 12 mm for compact sheets
up to mm for foamed sheets

Technical Details

Learn more about the technical details of our Single Screw Extruders and other components of the esde Extrusion Lines. Click here to Order Brochures.

How to get the best offer

esde Polishing Stacks are customized and configured to the relevant task. Therefore each quotation is individually prepared in great technical detail.

Your contacts for preparing the offer and for technical advice about our esde Polishing Stacks and Extrusion Lines for Film and Sheets are Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director and Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager.

Please call Phone +49 5731 9014 or send your enquiry to info@esde-maschinentechnik.de or use our contact form to get a quotation.

More Information

Visit our technical center at Bad Oeynhausen for a trial with your plastic material on our esde Extrusion Lines. Arrange an appointment at Visit Technical Center.

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