Extrusion Dies

esde Extrusion Dies

An Extrusion Die is the epitome of the words “Tailor-made” and requires the tool maker’s extensive special knowledge and experience. esde Dies are based on modular designed die bodies, suitable for the particular application and perfectly integrated into the line for films and sheets.

In order to fit

First of all the manifold of the Extrusion Die is tailored to the customers’ specific requirements. Here we consider the width and thickness of the product as well as the specific kind of material and the desired output. For optimal melt distribution the coat-hanger manifold and the melt flow are simulated in great detail with the rear of the manifold flow channel in a rounded shape.


For Co-Extrusion we use multi-channel Dies or Feedblocks. They enable complex applications of up to 7 layers. The Feedblocks are equipped with fine adjusters to vary each layer. All flow channels are individually supplied and purged with fresh melt. Exchangeable selector plugs allow different layer combinations.

Flexible and individual

Extrusion Dies in Extrusion Lines must be able to easily adapt to many different tasks. esde Dies offer various options for such adaptation. For example: Our deckling systems facilitate the width-reduction of the film during the film production. Furthermore we provide a fully automated parallel adjustment of the lower lip for conceivably easy setting of different sheet thicknesses.

Basic Configuration of the Extrusion Dies

  • Extrusion Dies with slit widths from 145 to 4000 mm
  • Finish on all flow surfaces: Ra 0.05 – 0.08 µm
  • Surface finish on lip lands: Ra 0.02 – 0.04 µm
  • Die body completely manufactured from tool steel, improved to 1100 N/mm2

Optional Equipment for Extrusion Dies

  • Different coatings: Chromium, Chromium Nitrite, Nickel, Polymer-Impregnation, etc.
  • Surface finish on all flow surfaces: Ra 0.05–0.08 µm
  • Surface finish on lip lands: Ra 0.02-0.04 µm
  • Lip adjustment: Pressure, push-pull, differential thread, automatic
  • Flex lip: Central adjustment („Fast-Gap“)
  • Upper lip: flexible, with restrictor bar
  • Lower lip: fixed, removable, slidable, parallel adjustment (even in operation mode)
  • Deckling: externally fixed, externally adjustable, internally adjustable, section deckling
  • Insulation
  • Lip tempering, lip heating
  • Adapter
  • Fastening and suspension attachments
  • Trolleys

    Technical Details

    Learn more about the technical details of our Single Screw Extruders and other components of the esde Extrusion Lines. Click here to Order Brochures.

    How to get the best offer

    esde Extrusion Dies are customized and configured to the relevant task. Therefore each quotation is individually prepared in great technical detail.

    Your contacts for preparing the offer and for technical advice about our esde Extrusion Dies are Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director and Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager. Please call Phone +49 5731 9014 or send your enquiry to info@esde-maschinentechnik.de or use our contact form to get a quotation.

    More Information

    Visit our technical center at Bad Oeynhausen for a trial with your plastic material on our esde Single Screw Extruders with Extrusion Dies in several widths.

    Arrange an appointment at Visit Technical Center.

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